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"Fossil is a fashion/design company, and its library must appeal to creative, artistic people. The look and functionality of Soutron’s OPAC answers this need."

Laura Pike-Seeley, Brand Archivist, Fossil Inc

"The Library of Congress auto-cataloging feature is an invaluable help with the backlog, to lighten the load on a solo librarian."

Penny Lipman, Librarian, Royal Canadian Military Institute

"Soutron Reviews and Ratings feature is a big step forward in enabling us to understand our members needs, so we can make our service better."

Piers Cain, Knowledge Manager, Chartered Management Institute

"I needed a Catalog that would be beneficial and user-friendly to those affected by MS, staff, students, health and social professionals. Soutron has helped me to deliver these important improvements to our library and information service."

Melissa Wyatt, Librarian, Multiple Sclerosis Society

"The Salvation Army Archives, Canada and Bermuda is pleased to partner with Soutron Global in the management and distribution of its on-line heritage War Crys."

Colonel John Carew, Director, The Salvation Army Archives Canada and Bermuda Territory

Medical Library Solution

The Soutron Global cloud-based medical library solution helps medical institutions and laboratories achieve a better return on investment by delivering process efficiencies, improving the delivery of information and reducing the costs associated with managing vast and growing volumes of information.

We have designed 24-hour medical library portal systems to ensure that geographically remote parties and decision making units (DMUs) can share knowledge whenever, and wherever, they need to, reducing the time taken to deliver initiatives. And, with increasing concerns over privacy and confidentiality, a suite of security features controls access to sensitive data.

Further, now medical or laboratory knowledge workers can enter custom reviews and ratings on library materials and catalog their own materials utilizing custom data templates. Our solutions make relevant hard copy and electronic documents and records easily accessible to staff within the organization.

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